The unjust distribution of resources doesn't help climate change combat

Global protests demand climate change compensation

Protests of young activists who mobilized for climate action were held today in around 450 locations. Ahead of COP27, campaigners from different countries gathered in different locations to demand climate change compensation. They want rich economies to pay compensation for the damage poor countries to suffer due to climate change and global warming.

Affected countries insist on compensation

This year’s U.N. climate summit – COP27 – will be held in six weeks in Cairo, Egypt. The countries affected most by the global warming plan insist on receiving compensation for damages to their homes and infrastructure. The cause of this is massive floods and other climatic disasters which are the result of climate change.

U.N. Climate Summits during the years
U.N. Climate Summits during the years

Protests have support from the youth movement Fridays for Future. They were supposed to take place at the same time while global leaders gathered at the annual U.N. General Assembly meeting.

The unjust distribution of resources doesn’t help climate change combat

Young people worldwide are more aware of climate change because it directly affects their future. Likewise, they are aware of social gaps between the countries and in the societies themselves. No matter where they come from, protesters mainly think that rich countries, just like rich people, will find a solution if personally affected by natural disasters. But, they say, the poor are on their own.

The unjust distribution of resources caused young activists to gather in countries from Japan to Germany, and DR Congo too where they had the slogan “Act for Africa, protect our planet” demanding climate justice.

Climate change is evident

The damage caused by climate change is visible everywhere, and they are irreparable. Currently, there is an enormous flood in Pakistan, and heat waves hit India and other countries that cause wildfires, such as those in Morocco. The leaders of countries most affected by natural disasters are under the pressure of their citizens to act. Thus, developing countries are to address COP27 to demand loss and damage compensation.