Floods caused by intense rains in Santa Catarina

Hundreds stranded due to intense rains, South Brazil is devastated by torrential rainfall

After intense rains and two fatalities, Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil, issued a state of emergency. While Bolivia and Argentina are fighting wildfires, La Nina brought Brazil floods.

Governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moisés, emphasized the need of safeguarding lives and offering humanitarian aid. That is why he issued a state of emergency. He stated in a press release that the situation is critical. The governor called for everyone’s attention and caution, especially on the highways. There are areas where there is a risk of landslides and floods. He also suggested that people stay home when it rains heavily.

State of emergency proclaimed due to intense rains

States of emergency are proclaimed in cases of intense rains and flooding, downed trees, and landslides, claims the press release.

Due to the torrential rainfall, 882 individuals have been forced to leave Santa Catarina. There are two fatalities reported. Rescue workers in Santa Catarina try to help stranded citizens by using helicopters.

Rescuers are giving their best

Rescuers were sent to the southern state of Santa Catarina on Thursday after severe floods brought on by heavy rains in southern Brazil forced hundreds of residents stranded in their houses to flee.

Helicopters were captured in video from Santa Catarina’s civil defense division flying over murky water that had flooded homes all the way to the roofline.

In order to transfer families to safety, firemen used helicopters to hover over several residences. Authorities reported that over 880 people are already evacuated.

According to the news website G1, rains have also resulted in one death and over 2,000 people leaving their houses in the state of Espirito Santo in the southeast.

Intense rains can cause landslides

Renato Casagrande, the governor of the state, stated the circumstances are getting worse. A red warning, which is used when a region faces a potential danger, is on force for the southern states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Parana due to flooding and landslides.

Additionally, 23 of Brazil’s 26 states are in orange alert. The orange alert is when there is a possibility of flooding, falling debris, and power outages.

Due to torrential rains that started on Monday, two landslides occurred on the BR-376 highway close to the Guaratuba municipality. It resulted in at least two fatalities. According to Agencia Brasil, the recent torrential rains have caused at least 8,600 residents to abandon their homes.

Around Brazil, flooding at this time of year is frequent and has wreaked havoc for decades.

94 people perished in mudslides in February in Petropolis, a historic mountain village in Brazil close to Rio de Janeiro.