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Taiwanese Company Finds Residential Wind Power Waste Disposal Solutions

Waste that was considered unrecyclable for 90 years is now available for recycling thanks to new technologies developed in Taiwan by Shangwei regarding residential wind power, Taiwanese portal TechNews reported.

Wind energy is the key to the development of renewable energy. However, over time, wind turbines face the problem of replacing wind turbine blades and decommissioning other end-of-life equipment.

Many modern materials cannot be recycled, and the problem of wind energy waste is becoming more and more serious.

Shangwei has developed the latest composite materials and recycling technology to solve the problem of waste that can be stored for centuries or more.

Taiwan is actively developing solar photovoltaic and residential wind power. In particular, the cumulative installed capacity of Taiwan’s wind power generators is scheduled to increase by almost seven times from the current 853 MW, reaching 5.7 GW in 2025.

The country’s government is actively promoting not only onshore wind turbines, but also offshore (coastal) wind energy. As of the end of 2021, there are 396 wind turbines operating in Taiwan and the number will increase rapidly.

The service life of onshore wind turbines is about 20 years, while offshore wind turbines are about 25 years. Taiwan’s first onshore wind farm (Penghu Zhongtun Power Station) is nearing the end of its life and is expected to be decommissioned in 2023, meaning that Taiwan is about to enter a period of wind turbine and power generator replacement.