Power supply

A Startup Attempts to Revolutionize Power Distribution Through Blockchain

Significant power outages caused by a variety of events have afflicted nations all over the globe in recent years, particularly in the United States. Naturally occurring disasters, as well as unnatural factors, have caused electricity systems to go down, cutting off millions of people for hours, days, and in some cases weeks at a time.

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of violent weather and natural catastrophes, as well as their frequency and severity. Power disruptions as a result of these occurrences are unavoidable.

Recently, a large number of technology businesses have attempted to use blockchain technology in a variety of ways in the electricity industry, with varying degrees of success, newsbtc.com says. According to the plans of several corporations, they will construct initiatives that would improve the current markets for the trading of power.

Others believe that developing a blockchain-powered system that does away with the need for a central utility provider and allows for peer-to-peer transactions is essential. In addition, some firms are using blockchain technology to monitor the production and distribution of sustainable energy sources.

An international firm, Avatu, is working to transform power distribution by using blockchain technology. The company is also addressing challenges related to the stability and dependability of electricity distribution. In an era when the rising demand for power is increasing at an alarming rate and the present infrastructure is unable to keep up, Avatu has developed a solution that will democratize energy distribution while also creating a whole new market inside the electrical distribution ecosystem.

In order to ensure dependability and transparency, the business has developed a solution that will enable users to transfer stored energy on demand, with the whole storage and transmission process being managed by a decentralized blockchain system. In order to confirm that the readings are trustworthy and suitable for deployment, Avatu will employ a Proof of Power (PoP) consensus procedure to reach an agreement.

Avatu is a technology firm that specializes in the delivery of energy-related products and services. Power grid fragility and unreliability, renewable energy rigidity, and high power consumption prices are all concerns that the firm will solve with a democratized power system powered by its own native token currency.

Through the provision of services everywhere there is electricity production and consumption, the Avatu ecosystem helps to meet the ever-increasing worldwide need for energy. In addition to facilitating smooth and instantaneous demand-based electricity production and supply, Avatu also rewards users via the usage of the AVATU token.

The Magic Box is the central component of the Avatu system, and it is intended for usage in a private residence by one person. An internet connection is established via the use of a 1kWh lithium-ion-based battery that has a capacity of discharging 250Wh over a period of four hours.

The Magic Box needs nothing more than a conventional power outlet and a connection to a wireless network that is readily accessible. AVATUChain customers may monitor and track the Magic Box through a mobile app or a PC dashboard, allowing for real-time power production and supply monitoring in real-time. The Magic Box also enables its users to mine energy in order to obtain the Magic Cryptocurrency, which is the Magic Box’s native token.