GE, Uniper Unveil World’s First High-Efficiency Upgrade Solution for GT26 Gas Turbine Fleet

First GE F-Class Gas Turbine to Upgrade to H-Class Gas Turbine Facility with Efficiency Over 60% in Combined Cycle – Using technologies from H- and F-class gas turbines and additive manufacturing, GE reveals additional features of the GT26 gas turbine range.

The GT26HE upgrade provides a significant increase in turbine efficiency, a significant reduction in fuel costs, an increase in unit output power by 55 MW, and an extension of overhaul intervals to 2 years.

Uniper’s Enfield power plant (UK) will be the first generating facility where a gas turbine unit will be upgraded based on the GT26HE integrated solution.

As part of a focused effort to improve the efficiency of its existing gas turbine fleet and remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace, GE and Uniper today announced the first order for a gas turbine retrofit, a GT26HE(1), at the Enfield Power Station near London.

“We are proud to partner with Uniper to launch the most advanced GT26 gas turbine retrofit solution, which is also the most innovative in the entire F-class fleet,” said Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE’s Global Energy Business portfolio.

The development of the complete GT26HE solution is characterized by GE’s innovative approach in several ways, as it is is the first upgrade to incorporate the best technologies and features of the industry’s leading Class F and H gas turbine fleets, creating a reliable solution for power plants with GT26 gas turbines.