New Drilling Technology Makes Ultra-Deep Geothermal Energy Possible

Windmills and solar panels can be replaced by ultra-deep drilling installations – geothermal energy at a depth of 20 km can provide humanity with energy for millions of years.

Until now, these sources have not been able to be used due to technical difficulties. However, a program recently launched in Massachusetts uses gyrotron drilling and argon gas to cool the process and makes these efforts possible.

Using gyrotron drilling with millimeter wave-directed energy combined with argon gas as a cleaner and coolant, the team expects to reach a depth of 20 kilometers in 10 days.

So far, such drilling devices are under construction; the first tests will begin in 2024, and by 2026 they plan to build a plant with a capacity of 100 megawatts.

This can completely revolutionize the existing renewable energy market since geothermal production processes can be installed in existing power plants as a direct replacement for coal and their complete modernization.