Renewable Energy Expansion Will Contribute to 70% of China's Power

Spanish Renewable Energy Company Capital Energy Partners With Google Cloud

Spanish renewable energy group Capital Energy has announced a partnership with Google Cloud Computing Platform to accelerate digitalization, reduce carbon emissions and increase data storage.

The five-year partnership with Google will enable Capital Energy to use data from thousands of sensors on wind turbines and solar panels to extend their lifespan, reduce costs and increase revenue, the company said.

It will also reduce the risk of a cybersecurity breach, according to Capital. “Google Cloud has a similar vision to ours, making it the perfect partner for us,” Capital Energy’s director of digitalization and sustainability outlined.

The energy company, a newcomer to the Spanish energy market, wants to become the first operator of exclusively renewable energy in the Iberian Peninsula.

With its sunny plains, fast-flowing rivers and windy hillsides, Spain aims to produce 67% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2026.