CLEEN Energy obtains rights to enter market in Croatia

Italian government says global eco-transition is possible

The Italian leadership believes in a transnational ecological transition that will spur the development of air purification systems, water purification, and renewable energy sources.

However, it all depends on the investment. As Italian Minister for Ecological Modernization and Transformation Roberto Cingolani said in a recent interview, countries worldwide are pretty capable of making a collective eco-transition.

This will also mean protecting nature, using eco-technologies, and alternative energy sources.

In particular, Cingolani hopes to improve nuclear and thermonuclear fusion technologies and reduce the role of finite resources. One of the goals is also to introduce carbon capture plants into the operation of factories and power plants that use coal for energy production.

The primary condition for achieving this goal is the required level of investment. Currently, the world spends 1.7% of global GDP on eco-development, and at least 3% are needed for achieving eco-transition.