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Azerbaijan Can Become Source of Green Energy for Europe

Along with natural gas, Azerbaijan can become a new source of green energy and renewables for Europe and make a more outstanding contribution to energy diversification, the Azeri energy minister Parviz Shahbazov said at the World Utilities Congress in Abu Dhabi.

The Azeri minister touched upon the issues of energy security, energy transition, the growing role of Azerbaijan as a reliable energy supplier, and partnership with the Gulf countries in green energy in the context of the processes taking place in the global energy supply system.

Shahbazov noted that countries can achieve sustainable energy security through multifaceted diversification regarding the current unpredictable supply of energy resources.

“It is necessary to ensure different sources of energy imports and a variety of resources for the energy balance. Renewable energy sources and hydrocarbon-based energy supplies are not so sustainable,” the Azeri minister added.

The minister said that the approach to the development of green energy and renewables, accelerating the energy transition in the context of diversifying energy sources, is more rational and practical than a policy that only wants to reduce emissions and even eliminate natural gas from the energy balance.

The smoothness of the energy transition and the path to the goal of achieving a “clean zero” in green energy is directly related to ensuring energy security, local media pointed out.