CLEEN Energy obtains rights to enter market in Croatia

CLEEN Energy Obtains Project Rights in Croatia

CLEEN Energy, an Austrian provider of sustainable energy efficiency solutions, has entered the Croatian market by acquiring project rights for 23 MWp of renewable energy capacity, according to the company.

The sustainable energy company said in a statement last week that it has an option to buy project rights for another 50 MWp of capacity in Croatia at a later date, Renewables Now reports.

CLEEN Energy stated the total 73 MWp renewable energy capacity is made up of several solar projects and four biogas facilities.

The Austrian company will be the only owner and operator of the capacity, receiving the whole revenue from the yearly output of 124 GWh of power, according to the firm.

The deal was carried out with the assistance of PMa Beratungs, a Vienna-based consultancy that specializes in arranging alternative project finance for real estate, renewable energy, transportation, and logistics projects.

CLEEN Energy presently owns project rights to 120 MWp of renewable energy capacity in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, and Dubai, including the Croatia project.