Solar Energy Deals Are Peaking – Two Solar Parks Sold in Lithuania

Last week two crucial solar energy deals in the world took place, as Ignitis sold two solar parks in half an hour – the Green Genius power plant in Utena and Vytis III in the Kupiskis region, in Smilgiai, Lithuania.

The solar power plant in Utena with a capacity of 460 kW is already in operation, and this week residents will be able to use solar energy for their homes.

A solar power plant with a capacity of 499 kW in the Kupiski district will start operating in March next year. At the moment, solar energy is produced in Lithuania by almost 22,000 consumers, who are also electricity producers.

As of April, 5.4 thousand consumers bought a solar power plant from remote solar parks, and 16.3 thousand consumers installed a solar power plant on the roof of the house. These numbers are expected to double this year.

According to Indre Baltušienė, product manager at smart energy services company Ignitis, there has been interest in solar energy driven by several factors: rising electricity prices, the desire to contribute to more sustainable solutions, and support for businesses and residents in the parks.

“Buying a solar power plant in a remote solar park and becoming a productive consumer is a good decision for those who do not have the conditions to install a solar power plant on the roof of their house. For example, for residents of the Old Town, or for those whose roof of the house is not suitable for installing a solar power plant due to an emergency condition, straw, crushed stone or asbestos slate, etc.,” Baltusienė said.

In the solar parks, residents purchased an average of 5.9 kW of solar energy. Business customers purchase an average power plant with a capacity of 30-50 kW. 1 kW of electricity produces about 1000 kWh of electricity per year.