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Czechia’s giant unused potential of alternative energy sources

According to many environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, the Rainbow Movement, or the Union of Modern Energy, Czechia does not use the enormous potential offered by renewable energy sources, Radio Prague informs.

Ecologists aimed criticism at the plans of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is insufficiently involved in supporting the development of alternative energy sources.

“In November and December, the wind and the sun will not give us a lot of energy, but this disadvantage can be eliminated by expanding the capacity of alternative power plants,” Aleš Miklik from the Raduga Movement said.

The new government has pledged to create conditions for the winding up of coal energy in the Czech Republic by 2033.

“However, if the Ministry of Industry does not include photovoltaics in the number of sources it supports, then it will refuse the cheapest way to obtain energy in our conditions,” Martin Sedlak, program director of the Union of Modern Energy added.

In December 2021, 41.2% of electricity in Czechia was produced due to brown coal. In second place are nuclear power plants, respectively with 33.9% and 35.5%, data from shows.

Wind and solar sources accounted for 0.9% and 0.5% of consumed energy in December.