Green Energy Supply in Some Areas of Japan Turned Off During Weekend

Some regions of Japan had to stop the supply of electricity from some renewable energy sources to avoid shutdowns caused by a gap in supply and demand in some regions of Japan on Sunday, The Asahi Shimbun reports.

Congested utilities have taken this step as renewable electricity has skyrocketed, and consumption has plummeted, creating an imbalance in the system.

The publication claims that numerous startups have emerged in Japan that generate electricity from renewable sources in recent years. As a result, utilities are sometimes overwhelmed.

Overproduction of energy in Japan is observed in some areas in spring and autumn when the electricity demand is low due to the infrequent use of air conditioners.

Japan’s public utilities have asked renewable energy suppliers to reduce their production through a power output control procedure to prevent blackouts.

As a result, generating companies using renewable energy sources experience difficulties since they cannot recoup their investments during those periods when their energy is not required.

Such power reduction is known to have been produced by Tohoku Electric Power, Shikoku Electric Power, Kyushu Electric Power.

Recall that the Japanese government is increasingly in favor of increasing the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy balance to 36-38% from the current 20%. However, Asahi writes that this could create new problems for the government and utilities.