Latvia, Estonia Need to Support Project for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant

Latvia, together with Estonia, must build its own nuclear power plant, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks tweeted.

In the minister’s opinion, in the future Latvian energy should be based on three sources – wind, sun and nuclear power.

According to Pabriks, the nuclear power plant should be built together with the Estonians, and specialists and technologies should be attracted from Sweden and Canada. This will not happen quickly, but the first block can be built as early as 2028-2029.

Chairman of the Board of the Estonian energy company Eesti Energia Hando Suters in a comment to LETA noted that the Baltic States do not consume so much energy to build a nuclear reactor.

According to him, the three Baltic countries consume three times less energy per day than Finland alone.

“When small reactors appear on the market, it will be possible to discuss such an option, but now there are no such technologies, work on them is only underway, and the question is how much will they cost,” he said.

Recently, Prime Minister of Latvia Krisjanis Karins said that the events in Ukraine “brought the EU and NATO together in a week” and gave a massive impetus to the development of green energy. Now Latvia is working on strengthening energy independence and finding alternative gas sources.

The government has already conceptually agreed on the development of wind farms. A program will be implemented to support the transition of houses from gas and the transition to renewable energy sources.