Wood pellet manufacturer and global supplier Enviva Biomass has announced plans to open a new wood pellet and biomass plant in Bond, which will be the company's fourth facility in Mississippi.

Baltic ForBio Launches Forest Energy Atlas Online Map

The Forest Energy Atlas online map tool allows users to explore the potential for harvesting energy wood and other varieties in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

This is especially useful for companies or organizations interested in using biomass. The tool is freely available on the Internet.

The geographic information system allows the user to spatially explore the potential of energy wood and other varieties.

The online map tool collected data on different forest biomass harvesting potentials from five countries.

It is beneficial for companies and organizations interested in using forest biomass to increase the capacity of an existing or future pulp and paper industry, sawmills, biorefinery, or district heating.

The Forest Energy Atlas includes an integrated user guide. Companies and research projects are already using it from participating countries.

The range available from the countries integrated into the online map tool differs from the input data provided. The researchers are working on a tool promise to complement the map developed by the Baltic ForBio project.