IEA information on energy crisis spotlighted by new Google search tool

Many people are concerned about energy savings and affordability as a result of the world’s first truly global energy crisis. According to Google, one in every four searches on the topic of energy prices in the United Kingdom a year ago was a ‘why, how, or when’ question. IEA provides answers.

Search interest in Germany has been trending for queries such as ‘how to save natural gas,’ ‘heating cost,’ and ‘how to save energy,’ while in Belgium, searches for ‘how to save on gas have increased by more than 5,000% since this time last year.

Advice, data, and statistics available

The IEA is providing advice, data, and statistics to people trying to make informed decisions in their daily lives in an effort to increase the availability of reliable information about the crisis.

Beginning today, when people in Europe search on Google for terms like “Europe energy crisis” and “energy price,” the IEA’s energy-saving tips, as well as news articles and information from local governments about financial assistance that may be available, will appear in dedicated information panels alongside the results.

IEA has two new online hubs

The IEA recently launched two new online “hubs” on the Global Energy Crisis and Saving Energy to increase the availability of reliable information on these topics. Background information, data, and analysis on the nature of the crisis, its causes and effects, what is being done about it, and what steps can be taken to improve energy security and affordability can be found in the hubs.

They are available in 29 European countries and 22 languages and are available in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish via Google on both mobile and desktop.

According to IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol, the IEA’s commitment is to dispel the misinformation surrounding the current global energy crisis and what people can do to cope. It is critical that policymakers, business leaders, and consumers have access to accurate and unbiased data, analysis, and advice.