Fulcrum Bioenergy Increase SAF Production

The Biden administration has set a goal of reducing the carbon emissions from air travel by 20 percent by 2030, pushing companies to switch from kerosene to cleaner fuels. Companies such as Fulcrum Bioenergy have been producing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) since 2021.

This step has long been demanded by US activists, calling on air carriers to contribute to saving the planet, Reuters reported.

The US and Europe are gradually expanding the production of SAF – an environmentally friendly aviation fuel, mainly produced from vegetable oil waste. 

Biden said he would seek to reduce the tax burden on airlines using SAF to help them offset the higher cost of purchasing “clean” fuel. 

Experts predict that this substance will allow the industry to reduce carbon emissions by 34 percent but cost companies 2-5 times more than standard jet fuel. The presidential administration will try to include this measure in the $3.5 trillion economy support bill.

In addition, the US authorities are considering measures for the complete decarbonization of the aviation industry by 2050. Large companies have already declared their readiness to contribute to the greening of flights. 

The carrier group, which includes giants United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, plans to purchase at least 11.4 billion liters of SAF by 2030 from companies such as Fulcrum Bioenergy. To completely phase out fossil fuels by 2050, companies must increase SAF purchases to 132.5 billion liters per year, the White House said in a statement.