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RAWI Presents Annual Review of Wind Energy Market in Russia

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) presented the Russian Wind Energy Market Review ‘2021, focusing on visibility and data, local media reported.

Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the RAWI Board, emphasized that interest in green energy in Russia remains stable, despite the complex and rapidly changing economic agenda.

“It is impossible not to consider the current situation, and, probably, everyone today asks the question: what next? Will the relevance of wind energy and renewable energy sources become zero after the events we expect to end? There is interest in green energy, and the industrial sector is concerned about import substitution and the creation of wind energy equipment at the facilities of Russian enterprises. Interest in the acquisition of green energy remains relevant since the energy transition today is already a global plan,” Bryzgunov said.

Roman Denisov, RAWI analyst and author of the annual wind energy market review, noted that in January of this year, RAWI experts made a conceptual decision on the review format and decided not to release the traditional 50-page document with a large number of articles.

“We wanted to draw a line and say that it exists the market has taken place. Wind power in Russia is a young industry, a young industry that has taken shape. We wanted to show more timely, accessible information about the domestic wind industry market, which would be convenient to demonstrate at various events and conferences,” Denisov explained.

The review of the wind energy market in Russia for 2021 provides the results of the energy and wind energy industries and the dynamics of electricity generation at qualified wind farms in the wholesale and retail markets.

According to the information published in the review, in comparison with 2020, the installed capacity of wind farms in Russia in 2021 increased by almost 2 times, and the generation of wind farms in the wholesale market – by 2.4 times. The total installed capacity of wind farms in Russia is 2043.44 MW, and the number of wind turbines is 1162 units.

When preparing the review, the Wind Industry Association traditionally considers the interests of the audience. Due to a large number of infographics, the data array collected in the study is presented concisely and at the same time visually.