Turkmenistan Has Potential to Further Develop Its Renewable Energy Sector

Turkmenistan can achieve tremendous success in developing renewable energy, Diego Ruiz Alonso, EU ambassador to Turkmenistan, told Russian speaking media.

“I am sure that Turkmenistan, being the owner of traditional energy resources, can invest and achieve success in the development of renewable energy,” Alonso said.

The EU ambassador said that at the 20th meeting of the Turkmenistan-EU Joint Committee in October 2021, the parties discussed the possibilities of intensifying cooperation in trade, energy, transport, communications, and technology.

“In this context, I believe that there are opportunities for cooperation in the field of energy transition, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a more sustainable economy. The EU has the best green technologies and knowledge in the world and is successfully implementing this transformation on its territory,” Alonso said.

According to him, traditional energy resources are becoming more expensive, which confirms that the EU is on the right track in its new energy policy.

“While the EU doesn’t have hydrocarbon resources, the Union’s new energy policy aims to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Thus, we are currently in the process of a full transition to renewable energy sources,” Alonso emphasized.

Moreover, the ambassador said that the EU has many years of experience in promoting green energy and achieving zero carbon emissions.

The diplomat added that the EU is currently discussing with the Turkmen partners the ways of future cooperation in the energy sector in climate change and the challenges they pose to the planet.