Hydropower Companies in Costa Rica Revived Thanks to Mining

Several hydropower companies in Costa Rica were revived thanks to bitcoin mining, supporting the life of agricultural (coffee, sugarcane, forestry) and cryptocurrency businesses in the country.

Now there are more than 650 machines from 150 customers working in the hydropower plants after they had to survive on its own after 30 years, as the government stopped purchasing electricity during the pandemic.

According to the business owners in the country, they had to stop the activities of small and large businesses, including those that were working with cryptocurrency.

Costa Rican entrepreneur Eduardo Cooper, who owns the 60-hectare Data Center CR farm and factory, said his business consumes a lot of energy, but there is a surplus.

Hydropower companies with three $13.5 million worth power plants and capacity of three megawatts were making more than $500,000 through mining computers.

There is no specific regulation of cryptocurrencies in Costa Rica, unlike El Salvador, where bitcoin was adopted as legal tender in September 2021.