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EC Wants to Accelerate Permits for Wind Farms and Increase Wind Power Stocks

The European Commission intends to present ideas in May this year to speed up granting permits for wind power installations in the region, said Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, while also increasing wind power stocks.

Simson stressed that the EC will issue documents for the construction of special equipment located offshore, and that such installations are also planned to be installed on the ground.

The more significant number of wind farms will also affect the wind power stocks and contribute towards the increased used of renewables.

Simson previously appealed to the EU countries with a call for unity regarding energy supplies from Russia. Accordin to her, Moscow’s demand to pay for gas supplies in rubles is “an attempt to divide Europe.”

“By the end of this month, we will submit proposals for permits so that permits for offshore and onshore wind and other installations can be made faster than now,” she said.

The European Commission is also aiming to expand the use of renewable energy in the European Union, which has committed to become climate neutral by mid-century.