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Bourbon group and Horizon collaborate for oil, gas, and wind operations

International offshore energy contractors Horizon Maritime and Bourbon have formed a joint venture (JV) to support activities in the Canadian Atlantic and North Sea offshore oil and gas industries.

Cliff Gaetz will serve as the managing director of the JV Bourbon Horizon, which will have bases in Fosnavåg, Norway, and St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, with a fleet of seven boats.

According to Gaetz, who will lead a team that includes Bjorn Remy, Stale Kyrkjedelen, and Colin Doody, Bourbon Horizon will combine their expertise in testing offshore environments with a focus on delivering modern equipment, experienced personnel, creative solutions, and exceptional value in support of offshore oil and gas and renewables projects.

Taking part in this strategic partnership, according to Rodolphe Bouchet, offers a substantial opportunity to strengthen its current position in the North Sea markets. Bouchet is CEO of Bourbon Marine & Logistics. The JV will aid the OSV [offshore service vessel] sector’s consolidation under challenging circumstances while achieving substantial economies of scale.

The Bourbon group – a pioneer in the shift from offshore oil to wind

As a pioneer in the shift from offshore oil to wind, the Bourbon group installed equipment for several significant floating wind projects. Among them is the Stiesdal TetraSpar pilot off the coast of Norway.

The Bourbon group is a leading international player in offshore oil and gas marine services, providing a wide range of solutions to clients in the energy industry. In recent years, the company has been actively expanding its expertise in renewable energy, including wind power.

Bourbon has developed a strong presence in the wind power industry, offering a range of services. Their services are from the design and installation of offshore wind farms to the maintenance and repair of wind turbines. The company’s expertise in offshore marine services has made it a valuable partner in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. This business requires specialized vessels and equipment to transport and install wind turbines.

As the world’s energy demands continue to grow, renewable sources such as wind power are becoming increasingly important. Bourbon’s involvement in the wind power industry is a reflection of its commitment to sustainable energy. Also, they are willing to adapt to changing market conditions. With its expertise in marine services and renewable energy, Bourbon is well-positioned to play a significant role in the development of the wind power industry in the years to come.

More recently, the Bourbon group signed an agreement with developer RWE. They want to participate in France’s upcoming Mediterranean deepwater wind auction together.

Partnership for Mediterranean floating wind auction

RWE Renewables and Bourbon Subsea Services have signed a partnership agreement. The partnership is to jointly bid in France’s Mediterranean floating wind auction for two sites. The two sites have a projected capacity of roughly 250MW each and future additions to a total of 1.5GW.

The two businesses have already submitted applications. Their goal is to be chosen as legitimate bidders for France’s so-called A06 procurement, which was announced in March.

Pierre Peysson is a director of offshore France at RWE Renewables France. According to Peysson, their collaboration with Bourbon Subsea Services complements RWE’s goal to expand its portfolio. They have a remarkable portfolio of floating offshore wind in the French Mediterranean. But Bourbon group is a market leader in the installation of floating offshore wind farms.