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Rosatom begins studying winds on Sakhalin island

Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear energy corporation, began to study the winds and atmospheric conditions in its Sakhalin region to construct wind farms (WPPs) on the island.

A subsidiary of the state corporation, Novavind JSC (the wind energy division of Rosatom), has begun searching for a contractor who will research Sakhalin’s wind resources to construct a wind farm, Russian media reported.

The contractor will have to equip future WPP sites with wind measuring complexes (WEI) and monitor wind resources there during the year. Wind speed, direction, air temperature, humidity, pressure, and several other parameters as measurements.

The height to which measurements will be taken is especially stipulated in the terms of reference – 80 m above ground level.

Based on the data obtained, a plan for the optimal location of the wind power plant on the ground will be developed, and a calculation of the wind power generation will be carried out.

The construction of wind farms will be carried out as part of an agreement between Novavind JSC and the government of the Sakhalin Region on the commissioning of wind farms on Sakhalin with a total capacity of up to 200 MW by 2024.

The development of wind energy in the region is carried out within the framework of the regional climate program. The provincial authorities of Sakhalin were the first in Russia to approve the climate program, which provides for 100% technical gasification of the region by 2025, the conversion of 145 coal boilers to gas, gasification of more than 37 thousand households and 157 enterprises.

By the end of 2021, the region conducted an inventory of greenhouse gases at all key enterprises. Emissions amounted to 12.3 million tons of CO2.