Wind farms caused BP and Orsted to compete over overlap space

Owner of Ikea gets necessary approval for huge Swedish offshore wind farm

The Galatea-Galene wind farm off the coast of Sweden finally got the green light from Nordic developer OX2, who also secured a crucial regional permit. The 1.7GW project of Ingka Group owned by Ikea, now mostly just needs the federal government in Stockholm to approve a final permit.

The ambitious project in the Kattegatt Strait, constructed in partnership with the investment arm of Ikea’s owner Ingka Group, will be able to be operated within Sweden’s exclusive economic zone, as recently confirmed by the county administrative board of the Halland region. This groundbreaking development has been designed to have a wide-reaching and long-term positive impact on both local communities and businesses alike.

Swedish Navy has to approve the wind farm too

According to OX2, the armed forces of the nation have already stated they have no issues with the northern portion of the wind farm, while talks are still ongoing for the southern portion. The Swedish Navy’s approval is necessary for a final central government authorization.

Frederik de Jong, head of renewable energy investments at Ingka Investments, expressed excitement about realizing Galatea-Galene alongside OX2.

By 2030, the wind farm could potentially begin to generate electricity if they completed the permit process in a timely manner. This could have significant implications for renewable energy, as it would provide a much quicker and easier way to access clean energy at a lower cost than traditional methods. This could be an important factor in reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs across the globe.

Construction of the wind farm needs no subsidies

Construction may begin in 2026 with central government consent and without receiving any subsidies, according to OX2. Additionally, the project just received a Natura 2000 environmental permit from local authorities.

It’s unknown when the military will decide whether or not the southern portion of the project is acceptable. The military has already rejected a number of offshore wind projects in Sweden, so getting their permission is essential for ultimate government clearance.

OX2 competes with Danish Orsted

OX2 announced Galatea-Galene after Danish offshore wind leader Orsted earlier in the month revealed it had also won regional government approval for its 1.5GW Skne project off southern Sweden and was only awaiting a military OK and final central government OK to build the wind farm.

Along with Vattenfall’s 640MW Swedish portion of the Kriegers Flak wind cluster, which has already received a central government license from Stockholm, OX2 and Orsted’s projects are among the most advanced of a recent wave of Swedish offshore wind projects.

A new wind farm will boost renewables and makes energy cheaper

Emelie Zakrisson, director of project development for offshore wind power Sweden at OX2, emphasized the significance of this move in boosting the production of renewable energy in southern Sweden and lowering electricity costs.

The wind farm will also support the region’s competitive industry and the transition to a greener economy.

Twin projects will support the industry

Galatea and Galene, two towns south of Gothenburg, are just 25 kilometers far off Falkenberg and 25 km off Varberg, respectively. The twin projects are close to important Swedish industrial locations and have the potential to generate 6-7TWh of green energy annually.

OX2 and Ingka Investments work together on three enormous projects, with a combined capacity of up to 9GW. One of them is Galatea-Galene.