Cyprus to Build 14 New Photovoltaic Parks in Nicosia Region

Cypriot authorities plan to build 14 new photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 68 MW in the Nicosia region.

On Tuesday, the country’s Department of Environmental Protection approved a large-scale project by EAC – IAK RENEWABLE LTD (a joint venture between the Holy Archdiocese and the Cyprus Electricity Authority).

The project includes the construction of 14 new photovoltaic parks, which will convert solar energy into electricity using unique panels, in the highlands of Achera, near the village of Agios Ioannis Maluntas in the Nicosia region.

The proposed development will be located on a land area of ​​195 hectares (12% are protected areas), of which only 174 hectares will be used.

Arrays of solar panels will cover almost 100 hectares, 12 hectares will be given for power transmission networks, another 1.1 hectares for related installations, 60 hectares will remain unused. All 14 blocks will be connected to a shared network at different points.

As outlined in the related Environmental Impact Assessment (MEEP) study, the project’s ultimate goal is to help meet the region’s energy needs and reduce the country’s dependence on imported and non-renewable energy sources.

The project will be implemented in two stages. Commissioning of photovoltaic parks is scheduled for mid-2025. Their estimated service life will be 25 years from the installation of the facilities.

The small area and lack of fossil fuels make Cyprus vulnerable to electricity consumption. Implementing new technologies allows the country to save electricity while spending much less on it.

Several technologies are used worldwide to convert solar heat and light into electricity. But, since the sun shines in Cyprus for almost 365 days a year, the problem of economic energy consumption is solved mainly through the construction of photovoltaic parks.

Unlike burning coal, solar energy does not cause the greenhouse effect that exacerbates global warming. In addition, solar energy can play an essential and cost-effective role in overcoming Cyprus’ dependence on fossil fuels.

At present, the special attention of Cyprus is focused on renewable energy sources, particularly solar panels. As a result, photovoltaic parks are actively appearing on the island, with great hope for the future. In addition, the sharp increase in electricity prices has increased the demand for installing photovoltaic panels in private homes to a record high.