Brazil leads the way in new jobs in the liquid biofuels industry – interest in positions in the green energy sector is growing

Brazil, the country of football, is slowly but surely becoming a leader in green energy. Good natural conditions, an abundance of sun, wind, and water and continuous work to improve investment conditions contribute to more and more Brazilians seeing an opportunity for their professional career in the renewable energy sector.

According to the latest data, about 1.2 million people in Brazil work in the green energy sector.

Looking at sectors, the largest number of jobs are created in the liquid biofuels industry in Brazil, and the second largest number of jobs is in the hydro energy sector. The rest work in the solar and wind energy sectors.

The rising trend of investments in this sector during 2023 will certainly create new jobs in Brazil in this sector. This economic matrix is extremely significant for the country, which with its size and importance has an influence on global economic flows.

According to the announced projects, more than 9 billion dollars will be invested in the construction of solar energy facilities by the end of the year alone. The prevailing trend in Brazil is also optimistic regarding the potential and production capacities.

The renewable energy production capacity is estimated to be 38% higher compared to the world average. At the moment, the total installed power is 181,532.7 MW. The largest part or more than half is accounted for hydro energy or small hydro plants.

Brazil is the leader in the number of new jobs created in the biofuels industry. But the great energy transition towards which all global activities and political doctrines are directed contributes to the continuous growth of investments that create new jobs in the renewable energy sector in the world.

The International Energy Agency has published data that states that so far around 12.7 million people in the world work in the sector of renewable energy sources. According to the analysis, 257 GW of renewable energy capacities were installed in the world in 2021.

China is the world leader in the number of jobs in the green energy sector, and job creation trends are moving at a fast pace in almost all countries. In addition, the trend of gender equality in employment is significant.

The analyses show that it is precisely in the renewable energy sector where jobs are created that are equally attractive for both men and women, even though in the next period, measures are foreseen by international organizations and national governments that will encourage more women to get involved in this sector.

Asia with its clear determination for a rapid transition, especially the big “players” in the energy sector in the fossil fuel segment that invest huge funds in green energy is already becoming a significant “player” on the global stage. Last year, around 79% of jobs in the renewable energy sector were filled in Asia.