Greece Unveils Comprehensive Energy Security Plan

Greek Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas presented a comprehensive plan for the country’s energy security, local media reported.

The developed measures will mitigate the consequences of the international energy crisis and provide the country with fuel in the event of a cessation of gas supplies from the Russian Federation.

Thus, the Greek government intends to diversify the sources of energy supplies within the framework of the REPowerEU project, which is aimed at ensuring Europe’s independence from Russian fuel.

In addition, the storage capacity of the Revitus terminal will be modernized, and the construction of critical infrastructure will be completed.

The gas company DEPA Commerce closely monitors the availability of liquefied natural gas in international markets to send additional shipments to Greece if necessary.

At the same time, Athens will accelerate investment in renewable energy sources, the report says.

“Finally, I told the commissioner that, according to the firm position of the Greek government, this unprecedented crisis can only be resolved through coordinated action at the European level,” the minister said.