National Grid Renewables to Build One of Four New Ohio Solar Power Plants

The Ohio State Energy Board approved separate applications for the construction of four solar power plants, the total capacity of which is 593 MW, and one of which will be constructed by National Grid Renewables.

The approved solar energy projects are listed below:

The 275 MW Cadence Solar Power Center in Union County – Implements Invenergy LLC.

The 117 MW Sycamore Creek Solar Power Project in Wood County – National Grid PLC.

Juliet Energy’s 101 MW Solar Power Generation Facility in the District Crawford – 7X Energy Inc.

Savion LLC 100MW Solar Power Project in Marion County – Macquarie Group Ltd.

The Cadence power plant will occupy approximately 7.8 million m2 in the project area 19.8 million m2 in the cities of Liberty, York, and Tailor, according to a subsidiary of Invenergy Cadence Solar LLC.

The Sycamore Creek project will cover 2.6 million m2 of a 3.7 million m2 project area at the territory of Cranberry Township. It will be implemented by Sycamore Creek Solar LLC, which is a subsidiary of National Grid PLC National Grid Renewables Development LLC.

Juliet Energy will be located on 2.3 million m2 of the 2.7 million m2 project site in the territory of the towns of Weston and Milton. Juliet Energy will be engaged in constructing power plants Project LLC (a subsidiary of 7X Energy Inc.).

Marion solar power plant will cover 2.9 million m2 of the project site 3.9 million m2 in the territory of the settlement of Marion Township. Marion County Solar Project LLC, which is building this facility, is a subsidiary of Savion.