EV charging

Electric car? What if you can earn extra by driving one?

Volkswagen’s charging unit Elli has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Belgian network operator Elia and one of its start-ups. The MoU is about exploring possibilities for the integration of charging electric vehicles from the power grid. That means, among other, that the customers can earn extra by driving an electric car.

Advantages of electric car battery usage

According to Volkswagen, electric car battery usage as a mobile power bank has multiple advantages.

  • Climate benefits are primary, and they are to come with the efficient use of stored energy when needed.
  • Electric vehicles are to stabilize the power grid when connected to a socket (V2G concept).
  • Possibility for rewarding EV drivers with extra revenue with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) services.

The potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology rises with rising of the number of electric vehicles.

When V2G technology is properly deployed, it can benefit all parties involved, i.e. utility companies and consumers. Utility companies can offer lower rates to consumers due to lessened stress on the grid. The extra benefit for consumers is they can earn incentives for sending energy back when it’s needed most.

So, this concept makes investment in electric vehicles cost-effective, and thus the car producers also have their share.

Electric car to be: pay less earn more

It is to expect the customers to turn to electric vehicles, because of technological improvements over time. Vehicle producers together with the technology leaders, charging and utility companies work on the goal of electric vehicles to be more than zero-emission transportation.

Thus, Volkswagen with this MoU joins other major car producers such as Ford, Honda, Nissan, Tesla, and others, who are exploring the possibility of drivers making practical and effective use of V2G technology. They are exploring the option of EV drivers selling back the energy from their vehicles to the company managing the energy grid.

EV batteries to meet renewable energy flaws

EV charging
EVs are green and could be more than that

From a technological aspect, EV batteries have immense storage ability. This is to be a significant factor in renewable energy sources as countries move toward renewables. Solar and wind renewable energy production has many values but also has certain limitations.

  • Production of solar and wind energy on demand is impossible.
  • There are periods with an abundance of energy, and periods of stagnation. Energy production from renewable sources is unpredictable.

Thus, good storage solutions are essential for renewable sources of energy production. Maintaining this is possible by vehicle batteries, as car companies envisioned. Or, as Elia officials said, an electric car can be batteries on wheels.

Shortly said, Volkswagen’s partnership with Elia aims for electric vehicle drivers to charge their EVs when there are high amounts of renewable energy available on the grid. But, in the periods when this energy is needed most in a grid they can inject the electricity stored in their electric vehicles into the grid. This is the pinpoint of the V2G technology.

Fair offer for electric car drivers

But, if Volkswagen and other car producers want consumers to turn to electric vehicles on a large scale, they need to find a solution on some points for EV drivers to do so. Such as:

  • The offered price of sending back the energy to the grid must be stimulating.
  • The connection to the grid and data transferred must be safe and secure.

These factors need primarily addressing because they are crucial.