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German Energy Company to Invest €1.5bn in Irish Offshore Wind Power

German energy company RWE plans to invest €1.5 billion in Irish renewable energy over the next eight years, Agriland reported.

The investment will focus on offshore wind power in Ireland and the development of a new pilot program for overhead wind technologies.

RWE is already operating onshore wind in County Kerry, Ireland, and a battery storage facility in Balbriggan, County Dublin.

As part of the investment, the company plans to continue developing the Dublin Array offshore wind project, which will install 61 wind turbines.

When fully operational, these turbines will generate between 600 and 900 megawatts of clean electricity. Funding will also be used to continue developing an offshore wind power pilot program at the Bangor Erris plant in County Mayo.

Following the Climate Action Plan, Ireland must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 51%. In comparison, the agricultural sector should account for 22-30% of the reduction by 2030. The next goal is zero emissions by 2050, Agrilend noted.

“Renewable energy can help Ireland meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets and play a key role in the energy security of the Irish economy.” RWE Ireland Chair Catal Henessey said.

Hennessy also said the company has the “know-how” to support the Irish government in moving towards 80% renewable energy by 2030.