Irish citizens show big support for renewables

According to a recent poll, more than 70% of Irish individuals are worried about whether the electricity they consume in their homes originates from a renewable energy source.

According to the conclusions of a recent market study by Statkraft, Irish individuals are among the most worried in Europe about climate change and whether the energy they consume in their homes is sourced from renewable sources, writes.

Statkraft polled 16,000 individuals (2000 per area) from eight European nations, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.

According to the poll, more than 85% of Irish population support the construction of solar farms, making Ireland the most favorable to solar electricity compared to all other nations examined.

Almost 72 percent of Irish respondents favor offshore and onshore wind projects.

According to the study, more than four in five (87 percent) Irish people are worried about the danger of climate change.

The poll included information on popular attitudes of offshore and onshore wind and solar farms.

The majority of those polled (81 percent) are concerned about climate change, with those in Italy (91 percent), Spain (88 percent), and Ireland (87 percent) being the most concerned.

Statkraft Ireland managing director Kevin O’Donovan said, “This study unambiguously revealed that the majority of the Irish population is concerned about climate change and recognizes the gravity of the situation that we face.”

The majority rightfully expects their governments and businesses to do more to address the climate catastrophe, and they are equally concerned about whether the electricity they consume in their own households comes from renewable¬†source.”

Statkraft started work of Ireland’s biggest solar farm (200MW) in Meath last year, as well as another solar farm and two wind farms.

Continued investment and planning reform, as well as adequate funding of state agencies, are required to guarantee the ability to supply a variety of renewable energy solutions.

This will be critical in meeting Ireland’s ambitious climate action targets of 80 percent renewables by 2030, and we know from our research that the public supports this critical and urgent work, O’Donovan added.