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Japan to Accelerate Construction of Offshore Wind Farms

Japan seeks to accelerate the start-up of new offshore wind farms to reduce dependence on imported energy, the country’s government announced, Kyodo News reported.

According to a statement by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the criteria for issuing permits for the use of marine areas by enterprises producing wind turbines will be reviewed as fast as possible.

“After the situation in Ukraine, we are faced with an urgent need to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy sources as our own source of energy towards decarbonization. It is also vital in terms of energy security,” Japanese Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda said at a press conference.

The minister added that the ministerial council would begin specific discussions on revising the selection criteria next week.

Japan is cautious about the unconditional imposition of anti-Russian sanctions, encouraging the import of energy from Russia, taking into account its geographical proximity and the need to decentralize sources of supply.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said it was a “national interest” to secure a stable energy supply.

According to the Japan Foreign Trade Organization, in 2021, Russia accounted for 3.6% of Japanese crude oil imports and 8.8% of liquefied natural gas imports.

Japan’s 2019 Oceans for Renewable Energy Act allows wind farm operators to use designated offshore areas for 30 years.

Last October, the government approved its energy plan, a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, positioning offshore wind power as a driver of renewable energy.

According to the energy plan, Japan has set a goal of achieving 36% to 38% of all electricity generation capacity in the country in fiscal year 2030, more than double the 18% figure recorded in 2019 financial year.