Bioplastic records

Bioplastic records on the scene, ladies and gentlemen

Bioplastic records are coming to the scene expecting it will help to decarbonize the music industry and make the music business eco business. Bioplastic records are alternatives to vinyl. They are made of sugar-based material, as its creator Evolution Music says.

Evolution Music is a company based in the United Kingdom. According to the acting CEO Marc Carey, bioplastic can be used as an alternative material to PVC. Thus, music artists can easily produce double benefit for the public – good music on green records.

If the musicians accept the new green way to present their art, they can put pressure on the producers who will push the existing plants to switch their production process from plastic to bioplastic.

Making record industry eco

On their website Evolution Music clearly declares that they aim to gather the music industry with other businesses. Their point is to speed up the music industry’s shift to sustainable, environmentally, and socially responsible practices.

Bioplastic LP is their first product of this type. Evolution Music intended to use the circular economy principles to stop, or at least reduce harmful materials used in the music business. They hope it will minimize the waste the music industry produces,

Yet, CEO Carey admits that the sound of bioplastic records is not the same as vinyl records. He says that there is a bit of crackling. But, he says, if someone is a fan of the 70s probably will like this “flaw” of bioplastic records.

He says that they are working to reduce this surface noise from their records. Evolution Music is a company for research and development. So Carey expects better results with bioplastic records in near future.

Scene to become green

Sales of vinyl records grew over the past decade. Expectations are this trend to continue. People love the richer sound of the records compared to the sound of music offered by digital streaming platforms. Digital music is easy to get, but holding the record in your hands is priceless, a music fan(atic)s say.

Music record
If you don’t mind the crackling, you will love the bioplastic records

The production of vinyl is toxic and damages the environment. Yet, people like records made of vinyl. Thus, Evolution Music came to the logical solution to make records from non-toxic material. The company made the first step toward changing the music business. The rest is up to musicians.

Evolution Music’s CEO thinks that the creative arts and artists should be the vanguard of innovations in every sense. Their opinion and public statements could affect political and social change. And the bioplastic records are one step more to changing public opinion on waste treatment in general.

For the record, the first bioplastic record is pressed by record manufacturer Press On Vinyl sited in Middlesbrough, UK. The music printed is by the electronic duo Bicep.